Happier App: Discover Happy Moments in Every Day

Happier app screenshotHappier is the only social media platform I know of that is positive in design. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and while it is still a small social network, I hope that it will continue to grow. This Happier app, only available for Apple users at the moment, helps you collect and share happy moments with your friends or the world. You are challenged to share at least three things that made you happy each day. I find I participate mostly for me, but sometimes it’s just because I’m prompted to share and I know that once I reach three happy moments confetti will rain down on me. I love it.

Happier app screenshot 2While people can use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to complain and be negative, this really isn’t the place. We have our amygdala for that anyway. Also, there are no public profiles. You either know people on here or you don’t. In one way it’s nice because you’re not people creeping, but on the other hand I might like to know these other positive people. It’s inspiring to discover what others are getting excited about. It’s both humbling and a great reminder that we have more to be thankful for than we remember.

I would like to challenge you to join Happier. I’ll be your friend.

About the Author
Rebecca Mahony is an artist, PR maven, people person and proud FSU alumna.