Twitter: Filtering Through the Sludge

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So this week I decided to take a closer look at how I’m using Twitter. I asked myself what I wanted out of it, and I evaluated the value of each account I follow.

I decided that it wasn’t worth it to follow someone just because I had a minor connection. If people aren’t using the platform somewhat regularly, do you really want to follow them? If they don’t follow you back, does that mean they don’t care about what you have to say? If social media is supposed to be a two-way conversation, does it make any sense to follow those people?

I might be inclined to follow a brand that doesn’t follow me back if I have interacted with them in some way and they responded to me. However, if I give you a shout out and I never hear back, I’m done (especially if you don’t follow me). I think that it’s important to be selective, and I don’t have time for brands that are being lazy. There’s too much noise out there as it is.

I do, however, keep tabs on those I decide not to follow by keeping them on an appropriate Twitter list. Did you know you could do that?

So this week I looked at my lists, and I decided how each individual account might impact my life. If there is very little impact (they don’t care about what I say and I only mildly care what they say), they might stay on the list, but they won’t get my follow.

My follow is my statement. It is an endorsement in a way. I’m not going to just give that to anyone.

The Takeaway

I think this is important as PR pros are thinking about social media strategy for clients. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in pushing out content that we bore our audiences to death and leave them feeling neglected. Stop that!

If you’re feeling like you need a Twitter cleanse, there’s a cool tool that I used to go through the folks that weren’t following  me back. It’s FriendorFollow.com. Check it out. You can also look at your “fans” (those you don’t follow back) and “friends” (those who you follow that follow you back). I hope it’s helpful. Let me know what you think.

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Rebecca Mahony is an artist, PR maven, people person and proud FSU alumna.