Edgerank Affecting Your Ability to Reach Facebook Fans

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In September, Facebook changed it’s Edgerank algorithm yet again affecting Facebook Pages’ visibility.

EdgeRank - from Business2Community

Edgerank Checker and Post Rocket have posts worth reading detailing how Facebook displays posts in users’ newsfeed to prioritize posts that have the greatest number of interactions. Number number of clicks, likes, comments and shares a post receives are all metrics influencing visibility. The new algorithm even factors in negative feedback and penalizes posts that have been actively hidden by viewers or reported as spam.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that the new algorithm has affected reach and virility, as cited by Beth’s Blog. Other reasons reach may be down are that mobile usage is increasing (showing less content per page) and more pages are paying for reach.

Pay for play definitely gives some users the upper-hand. However, if you can get people to engage in your content, your page will be less you’ll be impacted by the change.

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